How can we create an equitable and inclusive space for women and minorities in the technological field?

This is a pre-class assignment for Internet & Society.

Now, consider these quotes by women and people of color regarding their experiences in tech fields (from Pew Research Center).

“As an African American woman, I found that I have always had to work harder than others in the workplace. I am one of the few women that has been in the computer field for 30 years, which has always been mostly men.” — Black woman, computer worker, 60

“The workplace is still geared to the promotion of whites over minorities regardless of the laws in place to promote equality in the work force.” — Hispanic man, engineer, 65

“This ‘other-ness’ exists intentionally or unintentionally between those of a minority and those of a majority from lacking of common cultural background. Relationships at work appear polite on surface but reluctant tendency in willing to share limited opportunities the same way, which I felt in a previous job where whites and males were overwhelmingly a majority.” — Asian woman, engineer, 56

“Providing opportunities such as putting upgraded computers and/or science labs in inner-city schools, libraries and community centers. Black men currently in the STEM industries must be visible to the younger generation in order to show the value of those skills and the career implications.” — Black man, systems engineer, 30

Keep these guiding questions in mind when writing your response:

  1. Why are women and minorities underrepresented in the technological field?